How Does MDynamics Multi-Channel Messaging Work?

  • Upload
    Your Contacts

    Upload your contacts easily
    into the MDynamics platform

  • Segment
    Your Contacts

    Segment your contacts
    into different groups

  • Use Their
    Preferred Channel

    Use your contacts’ preferred
    channel - SMS, Emails or Push

  • Predefine Your
    Message Templates

    Create your campaign using
    your predefined message

  • Personalise
    Your Messages

    Create messages with
    custom content from your
    contact data

  • Test, Save
    & Schedule

    Test, save or schedule
    a campaign

  • Just Click

    Click "Send" and count on us to
    deliver your message on time

  • View Broadcast
    Analytics Real-Time

    Real-time access to your
    data and analytics

Unify multi-channel customer
chats into a single inbox

MDynamics combines multiple disparate chat and
messaging services into one unified inbox to manage
all your conversations in a single place. You will no
longer need to open and use disparate applications
to send and receive messages with your customers
on different channels.

Capture Contacts with QR Code

Capture your customers’ contacts fuss free into our contacts
management system with multiple input methods that include SMS,
online form, or QR Code.

Import & Segment Your Contacts

Import contacts from a data file and segment your
customers using attributes such as age, gender,
interests and previous sales. This comes in handy in
a many ways, especially if you need to import your
data from a spreadsheet, or from another system.

Create Personalised Messages and Reuse Them Using Message Templates

Personalise, save and reuse your messages using message templates to send SMS, E-mail and Push Notifications (Facebook Messenger).

  • Target Contacts with Ads

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  • Send Personalised Messages

    Happy Birthday Jane! Enjoy 20% off full-priced items in-store or online at this month! T&Cs apply.
  • Suggest Alternatives

    Dear Applicant, we are sorry to inform you that your application was unsuccessful. For other job openings, please visit our website
  • Send Purchase Confirmations

    Hi John, we received your order for item #123094 and will ship out shortly. Please check your email for details. BooksLiterary
  • Send Reminders

    Hi Andy, this is an automated reminder of your appointment with Sandz Medical on 25 Oct 09:30. To reschedule please call 60010123 (office hours).

  • Follow-Up on Customers

    Hi Mary, thank you once again
    for choosing Live Insured. We
    hope you had a memorable trip!
    If you require further assistance,
    please visit

Gather & Measure Results

Get a real-time view on the progress and status of
broadcasts with visual gauges and displays using
Broadcast Analytics. Drill down into each broadcast
to quickly surface details of message records and
gain insights from the data.

Technical Support
& Online Help

Next work day email support to help
address your technical queries, with
online help on using MDynamics.

Get Your Messages Noticed