Customers want to interact with the business
when they want, where they want and how they want

Customers interact with businesses on WhatsApp because they get quick personal responses.
When a customer is interested in your product or has a problem, our online platform MDynamics allows you
to use WhatsApp to have 2 way conversations just like in a physical store, converting your customer enquiries
to personalised sales, and tracking and resolving issues quickly for customer satisfaction and retention.



Business App

MDynamics with
WhatsApp Business

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Verification as an Official WhatsApp
Business Account
(Subject to WhatsApp’s Approval)
(Subject to WhatsApp’s Approval)
Rich Content Messaging, such as Document, Image, Video, Audio, Location
Secure, Encrypted Messages
Allows Landline as a WhatsApp Phone Number
Display Business Profile
Automatic Greeting Message
Automatic Away Message based on business hours
Navigate and Search Customer Chats
Quick Replies
Multi-Channel Chats – Whatsapp, SMS, FB Messenger, Tok-Tok
Allows Multiple Users/Agents per WhatsApp Business Account
Allows Multiple WhatsApp Business Accounts per User/Agent
Manage Agents
Set Agent Status
Set Max Chat Limit for Agents
Automatic Message while waiting
Chat Routing
Customer Profile
Customer Tags
Transfer Chat
Timeline of Customer Historical Chats
Send WhatsApp Template Message after WhatsApp 24-Hour Customer Messaging Window
Send Freeform SMS Message after WhatsApp 24-Hour Customer Messaging Window
QR Code for easier WhatsApp Messaging to your business

Reach your Customers on their Preferred Channel — WhatsApp

Use our Online Cloud platform Hello MDynamics to send WhatsApp messages and to have 2 way
interactive WhatsApp chats. MDynamics is a Multi-Channel platform that also allows you to easily send
broadcast messages via alternative preferred channels such as SMS, FB Messenger, Voice and Email from
a single platform.

Unify multi-channel customer
chats into a single inbox

MDynamics combines multiple disparate chat and
messaging services into one unified inbox to manage
all your conversations in a single place. You will no
longer need to open and use disparate applications
to send and receive messages with your customers
on different channels.

More About MDynamics

Enhance Your Customer Experience with MDynamics Chat Helpdesk

  • Multi-Agent Customer
    Service Chat

    MDynamics Chat brings together agents, customers
    and channels to allow multiple customer service agents to easily
    communicate with multiple customers across multiple messaging

  • Automatically Route Conversations to
    the Right Agent

    Route incoming chats based on agent current load, capacity and
    availability. An optional function is also available for routing chats
    based on agent skills.

  • Send Messages After WhatsApp 24-Hour
    Customer Messaging Window

    WhatsApp requires businesses to use only pre-approved template messages if more than 24 hours has passed since the customer’s last sent message. MDynamics Chat will automatically prompt the user to select a pre-approved WhatsApp template message to send. The user can also instead send a freeform SMS message to the customer.

  • Create Personalised WhatsApp Messages and Reuse
    Them Using Message Templates

    Personalise your messages using our parameterised templates.
    Easily save your WhatsApp messages as templates, and reuse your
    predefined messages.

Use Cases

Customer Care

Customers initiate conversations and ask for assistance regarding product queries, payments and delivery information. Customer care is key for customer upsell, growth and retention.

Alerts and Notifications

Send purchase confirmations and provide updates on
packing and shipping. Send delivery and appointment

Two-Factor Authentication

Send a one-time password to provide an extra level of authentication and security to ensure only authorized users gain access to applications.

Get a WhatsApp Business Account

Together WhatsApp and HelloTech are bringing companies and organisations onboard, enabling businesses
with WhatsApp messaging to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

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Tap into the Power of WhatsApp Business API
with Hello Gateway

Create programmable conversations using WhatsApp Business API to enhance your customers’ experience
with our Hello Gateway Multi-Channel API platform.