Hello Firecast provides the ability for instant, real-time interactive communications with large groups of people during critical events. A proven two-way mobilisation-class, incident and emergency communication system, our customers are using Hello Firecast to deliver millions of critical messages, mobilize the masses in times of emergency and as a key enabler for Business Continuity specialists to confidently execute their continuity, restoration and communications plans.

Why Hello Firecast

Designed to be the most robust and reliable in its class and engineered with specialised services
and components for high throughput performance, extreme reliability, and on-demand elastic
scalability across communications channels, Hello Firecast enables organisations to reach their
contacts rapidly. Regardless of where they are, how they work, or what mobile device they are using,
contacts will get the messages they need, when they need them.

  • Fast, Reliable
    2-Way Communications

  • Secure Message

  • Multi-Channel

Recognised by businesses for secure, fast and reliable crisis communication to aid successful
business recovery. Businesses use Hello Firecast for their business continuity planning and crisis
management needs.

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